“I have always known I wanted to birth my children at home. Both my brother and I were born at home and I was raised knowing that birth is natural and safe. By great good fortune when my partner Randy and I became pregnant, Blythe had just opened her practice in the San Juans. Blythe’s care from day one was exactly what I would have hoped for in a midwife. She was caring, compassionate, skilled and deeply trusting of the birth process, which meant she could be hands off when I desired it.

Our care from Blythe throughout the pregnancy was holistic and informed. I appreciated her knowledge and use of herbal medicines, including providing herbs and tinctures. Her use of homeopathics during the birth was invaluable as well.

The birth of our daughter was long but Blythe and her assistant Fahrida were a calm and assuring presence for us. It was helpful knowing everything was going as expected and there was never pressure to speed things along or any threat of transferring brought into the birthing space.

I had desired a mother-led experience and to the best of her ability my specific requests around my birth were honored.

Birthing at home is a beautiful experience and a true gift. I couldn’t recommend it enough. Before Blythe, finding a homebirth midwife to serve the islands was difficult and expensive. We are lucky to have her and her knowledge available to families in the islands. Thank you Blythe!”

~Callie North, Lopez Island