San Juan Island Midwifery

San Juan Island Midwifery offers a unique wellness experience for families, by providing the best evidence-based holistic care right here at home. We believe in empowering our clients in every decision they face, and creating a relationship of trust and support that will pave the way for parenting led by  strength and resilience.

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Plant Medicine

The best of evidence based science coupled with age old midwifery wisdom. Herbal support and recommendations will be included in your care.

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Whole Foods

We believe diet to be at the root of health. We will strive to help you in achieving optimal health.

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Immune Support

We will share with you seasonal remedies for every ailment.

” Defining our health as more than physical, we seek care that will enable us to be fully ourselves, at our greatest potential”

Elizabeth davis

About Us

San Juan Island Midwifery was started in 2021 by Licensed Midwife, Blythe Parker in the hopes to better serve our island community by offering comprehensive and holistic care.

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