“I am very grateful for Blythe’s utter confidence in my body’s ability to birth-especially in our preferred way! Upon finding out that I was pregnant, I knew immediately that I preferred a home birth experience. Upon meeting Blythe, her energy immediately grounded me down, instilling confidence in the natural birthing process, in my body, and in my partner and myself as we began our parenting journey. That confidence really helped to relax me throughout the pregnancy, as well as Blythe’s easy availability for texting and calling whenever! Blythe supported my baby and body by providing not only great typical pre and postnatal care, but she also created tinctures, syrups, and tea blends to support good nutrient levels. For the birth itself, Blythe’s experience, calm demeanor, and soothing voice helped ease my sweet boy Earth side in the best possible way. I would highly recommend trusting your pregnancy and birthing in Blythe’s capable and loving hands- I know we will for our next star!”

~Gloria Gilmer, Lopez Island